Neuroscience underlines the power of the Waverley approach and is beginning to evidence the power of the Waverley approach. Recent research in the study of the brain and nervous system and how they work, highlight:

  • the value of space & rest as well as fresh stimulation in the process of original thought and imagination
  • the significance of centring oneself in the process of thinking clearly
  • the impact of peace, tranquillity, stillness and the absence of distractions on our ability to acquire fresh insights, and discipline ourselves to do so regularly.

It has been shown that the brain develops and adapts throughout our lives depending on the experiences faced. Recent studies in ‘neuroplasticity’ (see Time Magazine Article: How the brain re-wires itself) have found that our thinking patterns, or neural pathways, and synapses evolve due to changes in behaviour, environment, or through injury, thereby overturning the long held scientific theory that the human nervous system is fixed at birth (Eriksson et al 1998).

In his book Cracking the Learning Code, JW Wilson concludes in his research that “science has shown that the greatest facilitator of learning and memory is a relaxed mental state”.

Lack of ‘space to think’ and stress kill learning

Most managers and professionals live busy fast paced lives, work long hours and have full diaries. Many don’t really make time to really stop and reflect. Some are stressed. Recent research conducted by Dr Lars Schwabe concludes that “Stress interferes with conscious, purposeful learning, which is dependent upon the hippocampus”, which plays an important part in long term memory. (Dr Lars Schwabe, Journal of Neuroscience).

Creating an environment that promotes genuine, long term learning

At Waverley we specialise in creating a safe, stress free environment that is conducive to genuine learning and lasting change. We combine this with activities that provoke fresh thinking, new perspectives and creativity. We introduce and model powerful, time honoured practices of managing self that promote productive functioning of the brain, enabling people to process the noise and clutter of life, and find renewed clarity and focus.

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