Why Waverley

Why Waverley?

Waverley is a boutique firm that draws on a community of highly experienced professionals who bring insight and wisdom from many years working at all levels amongst some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. Each of us is committed to helping you fulfil your potential to make a positive difference.

We do things differently.

We start by slowing down to create great space for listening, reflection and connection. We talk about love, generosity, authenticity, the whole person, awakening the true you. We foster resilience and sustainable self-responsibility through new ways of being and doing. We value and respect your privacy; please read our Privacy Policy for more detail about how we handle your data.​

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Our Vision

Many more organisations led well by responsible leaders and contributing positively to our world for the greater good.

We are committed to working with organisations and individuals who want to make a positive contribution to transforming our world – or at least their little piece of it - for the greater good.

We do this by creating powerful personal and organisational learning experiences that lead people into a quality of reflection, insight, engagement and dialogue that creates “Lasting Change”.

Our focus is on enabling you to be the best you can be and operate to the fullness of your potential to transform your culture, your organisation, your situation, yourself.

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What we believe

What we believe shapes the way we work at Waverley with each other and our clients.

needs responsible leaders and leadership to address the important issues of our times.

the potential to make a positive difference to our world whether they are a leader or not, given the right environment and the right inspiration.

and their stories, our own stories take on real meaning and significance.

more than simple performance and growth. It has to do with positive lasting and wider impact.

Learning what our talents are and what we stand for are key steps of our individual journeys. When these are lived out authentically, we become powerful agents of change for our communities, organisations and society.

creating such an environment, where each of us can be fully ourselves and engage fully with others around us.

of extracting wisdom from experience. This enables real transformation and lasting change.

We believe that all this starts and ends with real and deep listening – to ourselves and to others.

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