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In these extraordinary times, all of us are having to make radical changes in how we work and live.

We want to be able to continue to support our clients, friends and colleagues at Waverley in the way we know best - holding space; for people to connect in deeper and more fruitful ways – to themselves and to each other.

To this end we have decided to offer a series of weekly live online meetings - ‘Space on Wednesday’ (Wedspace)  – a mix of reflection and conversation in which we would love you to join us. Our proposal is to start with the following, which may evolve as things develop.

‘Space on Wednesday’ (Wedspace)

Finding Stillness – Wednesday mornings at 8:00am

A 30 minute live guided grounding meditation on Zoom for those of us now working from home to help us enter our day on a purposeful, peaceful footing.  We focus simply on stillness rather than ‘mindfulness’ or seeking to attain any other kind of state.  The paradox of stillness is that it is never still, it is just a deep settling into the natural flow of our being – like the ‘stillness’ of a river or a mountain.  It is profoundly re-freshing and re-sourcing.  Our hope is, as we continue with this practice of stillness together, that we become more and more adept at retaining it amidst the pressures and distractions of the day to day.

These usually happen weekly at 8.00am, and are currently running through until the end of July.  We will begin them again mid-September and will be in touch by email as usual.


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