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Sharing our extensive expertise to help you create responsible individuals, leaders and organisations

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We offer a small number of open events to provide senior professionals powerful personal learning in a cross-organisational context

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All things Waverley Online, including our Wednesday morning live grounding meditation and leadership insight blogs.

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The Waverley Learning Team

Effective leaders are curious to learn, but keen to make their own judgments by expressing their leadership through experience. Today’s leaders will be humble yet self confident, open and comfortable with things that are not always clear cut, yet able to make sense of complexity to simplify things for their people. They create an environment in which people are inspired to take ownership and deliver great performance, consistently. We see our role as enablers of this.

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We believe that each of us has the potential to make a positive difference to our world whether we are a leader or not. We believe that we are all unique and finding out what our talents are, what we stand for, and what we are passionate about are key steps of our individual journeys. When these are lived out authentically, we can become agents of change for our communities, organisations and society.

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Our executive coaching is admired for good reason: it imbues heightened personal awareness, clarity, confidence and a strong sense of purpose. Our distinctive approach to coaching is based on cutting edge research into how leaders really learn during times of change.

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We know that our clients value the option to invite a speaker to provide a valuable contribution to an event both sharing from their experience and injecting energy. Typically this can be in the form of a keynote that catalyses thinking and offers some challenge, or provides an alternative perspective to start a fresh conversation. It can also be an after dinner talk that brings a concept to life through humour and story.

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Although most of our offerings are tailored to specific organisations in their specific situations, we run a small number of open events designed to provide senior professionals powerful personal learning in a cross-organisational context.

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