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We hear about it every day on the news and in our places of work – economic growth.  For decades the notion of endless expansion has been the dominant narrative for governments around the world, and culture has coalesced around a vision fo the future where buildings grow taller, cities get larger, and profits soar …

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How often do we find ourselves drifting listlessly through the day, playing out the same old routine?  Working life sometimes feels designed to get us to switch off, eating, sleeping, working and repeating our weekly pattern ad nauseum.   If we feel stuck in a rut, the solution doesn’t always need to be drastic. Simply …

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In our modern consumerist culture, we are conditioned from an early age to acquire things – and to go on acquiring indefinitely.  From commodities like kitchen gadgets and clothes to ephemera like experiences, achievements and accolades, we live in a world that encourages people to accumulate.  As TV’s Frasier Crane once remarked, ‘If less is …

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