Daphne Clifton

Daphne Clifton

“I believe professionals at all levels can unlock their potential and become the people and leaders they are created to be through powerful coaching conversations that are honest, often long-awaited and usually fun. My clients say coaching is ‘the most productive hour of the week; taking my brain to a health spa and coming out revived and energised.’ The magic wand clients think I own is, I believe, a lot about their desire to learn, grow and be coachable.”


Daphne is an Executive Coach and trainer with over 25 years’ experience in business management, sales and customer service. She works with high achievers, entrepreneurs, senior and emerging leaders, who work hard and think fast in their desire to deliver increased profitability for their business, while developing their full, human potential. Daphne coaches the person not the problem. This increases their energy and improves performance, which in turn offers maximum sustainability for the whole of their lives. Alongside 1:1 coaching, Daphne uses powerful, proprietary tools, which her clients apply directly to their working environment for fast and long-lasting results.


A graduate from Corporate Coach U, with over 2000 coaching hours and her own  MCC coach,  she is a member of the International Coach Federation. International Coach Federation: Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Strength Deployment Inventory and Portrait of Personal Strengths

Facilitation approach

When working with groups Daphne’s energetic, inclusive style ensures participants not only gain fresh insights but also have tools for instant impact on effectiveness and profitability. Operating on the basis  that ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’, she opens up a room and less confident individuals to new possibilities, whilst carefully offering her own vulnerability and a light touch approach. There will inevitably be laughter along the way.

Examples of recent work

  • London City Airport – coaching senior and emerging leaders
  • London & South East Ambulance Service – senior leader transition coaching
  • NHS South East London Training Hub for Primary Care – coaching for senior leader(s) new in post
  • NHG Timber – Business owner and senior team members, coaching through change
  • FluidIT – coaching emerging leader through corporate and Board level change
  • L’Oreal – 1:1 coaching for leadership development and communication
  • Spicerhaart – Senior leader 1:1 coaching and customer service manager training
Waverley Learning are very vested in what they’re doing, very committed. They’re dynamic individually and collectively, they are 100% invested to the learners when they go into a program, it really is a sense of ownership of the experience that I don’t necessarily always see with every other vendor or learning partner that we use.
Lisa Smisek - Director of Learning, Kearney
There’s a credibility and a humility that you just sense when you’re engaging with Waverley Learning. I’m personally very drawn to that.
Karen Brown - Director of People and Talent, Tearfund
It is the extent to which Waverley Learning understood all the requirements, the innovation that they brought, the talent they brought. Their whole style takes the frantic pace at which we work out of the equation, the messages comes through really clearly. They’ve tuned into the challenges of our organization and made observations that have given us added value. It’s always based on our needs.
Alison Maher - Head of Learning, GWR
Their Developing Skills course consistently gets the best feedback of any standard developmental course that we offer. They’re clearly doing something right in terms of engagement, for those individuals to realise their own development within that situation. Waverley Learning listen to what’s going on, the chats that they’re having with my colleagues. They’re able to play that back, this is what’s going on in your business. As an organization, they provide great insight into to us.
John Probert - Director, Mercer
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