Jani Rubery

Jani Rubery

“I am passionate about empowering others to be the best they can be in whatever sphere of life they find themselves. My business and life experience combined with a background in psychology enable me to bring a depth of challenge and support to help my clients grow in confidence in themselves, get clarity of purpose and focus. I believe that as we understand ourselves more, we understand others better and this leads to effective working and living relationships. This is why coaching has become my life’s work.”


Jani has been an international consultant since 1989.  She has been involved in organisational and leadership development within a wide range of businesses worldwide.  Over the past 20 years she has specialised in executive coaching, working individually with senior leaders up to Board level. Prior to becoming a consultant and coach, Jani worked in Human Resources.  She is known for her work in the areas of leaders in transitions, influencing and impact, managing pressure, women’s development and well-being.


MSc in Organisational Behaviour, BA Psychology, BSc in Human Resources, qualified in MBTI, Belbin Team Roles, Enneagram and Spiritual Direction.

Facilitation approach

Jani has over 30 years’ experience in training, coaching groups and individuals as well as team interventions. She has worked with a variety of organisations including London Business School, third sector (both large and small),  law and accounting partnerships, retail, private equity, banking, property development, pharmaceutical, charity, and international conglomerates. She uses a variety of tools including MBTI, Enneagram, 360 feedback, and practical tools/skills for leadership development.

Examples of recent work

  • PWC – coaching partners in transition to senior leadership, including board level.
  • Sanger Institute and British Land – developed and ran a programme for women to help them increase their confidence and impact.
  • Tearfund – worked as part of the Waverley Team delivering a leadership development programme for their international leaders during a significant time of change.
  • Third Sector CEOs – offering a space where they can reflect about themselves, have strategic coaching conversations and grown in confidence as they navigate the complexity of their role.
  • CoE and Methodist Church – coaching senior female leaders as they transition to more senior roles.

Previous clients include: Nestle, Unilever, Ophir Oil, Battersea Development, Land Securities, John Lewis, UBS,  EasyJet and RNLI.

Waverley Learning are very vested in what they’re doing, very committed. They’re dynamic individually and collectively, they are 100% invested to the learners when they go into a program, it really is a sense of ownership of the experience that I don’t necessarily always see with every other vendor or learning partner that we use.
Lisa Smisek - Director of Learning, Kearney
There’s a credibility and a humility that you just sense when you’re engaging with Waverley Learning. I’m personally very drawn to that.
Karen Brown - Director of People and Talent, Tearfund
It is the extent to which Waverley Learning understood all the requirements, the innovation that they brought, the talent they brought. Their whole style takes the frantic pace at which we work out of the equation, the messages comes through really clearly. They’ve tuned into the challenges of our organization and made observations that have given us added value. It’s always based on our needs.
Alison Maher - Head of Learning, GWR
Their Developing Skills course consistently gets the best feedback of any standard developmental course that we offer. They’re clearly doing something right in terms of engagement, for those individuals to realise their own development within that situation. Waverley Learning listen to what’s going on, the chats that they’re having with my colleagues. They’re able to play that back, this is what’s going on in your business. As an organization, they provide great insight into to us.
John Probert - Director, Mercer
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