Karen Stefanyszyn


“I have always been interested in the way we have constructed the world of work and what that does to human potential. Even in the most highly respected organisations we find people who have gone to sleep to who they really are and what they are capable of, who take on the burden of the world, who look good…..and feel alone. For the past 20+ years I have explored the nature of human flourishing and the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. I have a continued fascination with the world of work in the 21st century, the nature of organisations and their impact on the human spirit.”


Karen is a certified Integral Coach who has has held global roles in Organisation Development, Leadership Development, and Talent with a FTSE top 50 company.  She has led a range of transformational change and organisational development programmes, working at the most senior levels in one of the world’s leading Financial Service Businesses. For the past 4 years she has been building a unique coaching practice enabling senior leaders and emerging talent to achieve sustained levels of functioning they had not thought possible in today’s pressurised world of work.


She has an MSc in HR, where she specialised in strengths based approaches to performance.  She is a fellow of the CIPD, a certified Integral Coach (ICF accredited), accredited in leading coaching circles, a qualified user of psychometric assessments and a trained trauma release therapist.

Facilitation and Coaching Approach

Karen specialises in individual and group approaches that are designed to  keep up with the complexities of the world and the frequency of change experienced today, where we need a deeper level of awareness beyond cognitive ‘knowing’. Karen’s work is aimed at achieving long term excellence, inviting people to respond to the world, to move the world, to work creatively with complexity and ambiguity and to deal with situations they can’t even anticipate yet. People often turn to her coaching or facilitation when they are at the edge of their known world – their developmental edge. Building character, integrating change, healing defensive routines and developing new resourcefulness is an investment of time and focus, just like any physiological change. The work requires persistence and depth – of inquiry, of honesty, of commitment and courage.

Examples of coaching work

With her focus on releasing high potential leaders into the fullness of their being, Karen works across many sectors and with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. She is currently working with senior leaders in financial services, lawyers and business consultants. Other clients include a HR Director, a Social Entrepreneur, a Church Leader, a leading Academic, a Writer.

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