Paul Redwood

Paul Redwood

“I’m passionate about having the real conversations that explore the feelings, experiences, perspectives and blockages, helping people find greater agency, fulfilment and growth.”


Paul has been consulting with people and organisations for 28 years, has  over 6000 hours coaching experience and is still intrigued about how best to come alongside people and help them better navigate life and work challenges. He has worked extensively in both Public and Private sectors, with individuals and teams from across the hierarchy in an array projects. 


  • Accredited Coach, Academy of Coaching
  • Master Coaching Practitioner, Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Gestalt Coaching and Counselling Diploma, The Gestalt Centre
  • Cape Cod Model, Gestalt International Study Centre
  • Organisation Workshop facilitator, Power and Systems Inc.
  • Psychometric Qualifications: MBTI Part 1; Belbin Team Roles

Facilitation approach

The common thread in Paul’s work is people, helping them learn to work and function more effectively as leaders in high pressure, complex organisational systems. He is fascinated by the dynamics, often unhelpful, that arise between people, teams, departments or across the hierarchy and how it shapes thinking or limits performance. Paul works with people in these situations, helping them to better navigate the terrain, building their insight and agency to influence, garner support and make change.  Most of this human potential is released through having richer, deeper and more substantive conversations; Paul helps people to have those conversations.

Examples of recent work

  • NHS Primary Care on call coaching: 2019 to date Coaching GPs and Primary Care staff on an NHS sponsored 7dpw on-call service
  • DB Schenker, European Logistics business: 2012 to date providing various development and facilitating inputs in support of the European Leadership Team, coaching the European Land MD
  • Exertis UK: coaching the UK Business Data Lead, supporting them on their journey from being a sector expert managing a small team to a more ‘rounded’ senior leader with broader organisational responsibility 
  • East West Railway (EWR): Coaching assignment for 2 senior members of the Operations Exec
  • Childrens Hospitals (Ireland): designed and ran a leadership development programme helping Senior clinical leads better lead their teams through the merging of 3 children’s hospitals into one state of the art centre in Dublin.
Waverley Learning are very vested in what they’re doing, very committed. They’re dynamic individually and collectively, they are 100% invested to the learners when they go into a program, it really is a sense of ownership of the experience that I don’t necessarily always see with every other vendor or learning partner that we use.
Lisa Smisek - Director of Learning, Kearney
There’s a credibility and a humility that you just sense when you’re engaging with Waverley Learning. I’m personally very drawn to that.
Karen Brown - Director of People and Talent, Tearfund
It is the extent to which Waverley Learning understood all the requirements, the innovation that they brought, the talent they brought. Their whole style takes the frantic pace at which we work out of the equation, the messages comes through really clearly. They’ve tuned into the challenges of our organization and made observations that have given us added value. It’s always based on our needs.
Alison Maher - Head of Learning, GWR
Their Developing Skills course consistently gets the best feedback of any standard developmental course that we offer. They’re clearly doing something right in terms of engagement, for those individuals to realise their own development within that situation. Waverley Learning listen to what’s going on, the chats that they’re having with my colleagues. They’re able to play that back, this is what’s going on in your business. As an organization, they provide great insight into to us.
John Probert - Director, Mercer
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