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My work is about helping people at all levels stay in control of their organisation, rather the organisation taking control of them.


My work is about coming alongside people and groups to help them through inspiration to fulfil their potential, realise vision and goals.


I have always been interested in the way we have constructed the world of work and what that does to us as human beings.

Office Manager

My work is about supporting the work of Waverley to create great experiences for our clients.
I love developing others and working with leaders at all levels. I bring energy, empathy and real-world experience into my work.
My passion is to see leaders and their organisations flourish and grow into the very best they can be.
I’m passionate about having the real conversations that explore the feelings, experiences, perspectives and blockages.
My work is about helping people at all levels stay in control of their organisation, rather the organisation taking control of them.
My greatest satisfaction comes when people discover a depth of self-awareness that reveals their core values, talents and life purpose.
I love to help organisations, teams and individuals navigate change, by creating safe spaces where my clients can explore deeply.
I’ve worked extensively as a creative consultant in the business, government and voluntary sectors, across the UK and Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.
I am known for bringing new perspectives and creative ideas to tough situations.
My aim is to inculcate unique principles of high performance into senior business teams such that they excel effortlessly
I am passionate about empowering others to be the best they can be in whatever sphere of life they find themselves.
I am a leadership coach with international experience spanning both strategic and operational work.
I’m based in Singapore. I love coaching individuals and groups to better appreciation of their leadership strengths.
I believe professionals at all levels can unlock their potential and become the people and leaders they are created to be.
I am highly experienced in stimulating self-awareness, self-directed learning and open dialogue at senior levels in my clients.
Andy has been involved in management training programmes working with clients across all hierarchy levels.
I absolutely love to create a space with clients where they can do their best, most creative and bold thinking.
I’m passionate about supporting leaders to discover their best selves, grow and achieve outstanding results.
I specialise in leadership and organisational development and executive coaching.
I am inspired by supporting leaders who are passionate about bringing positive change through their work.
I love working with courageous social sector leaders, who have a strong desire to change the world.
I’m fascinated by how to lead and collaborate across different cultures, sectors, disciplines and power dynamics to create a better world.
A good day for me always involves a great conversation, be it a work colleague, friend or simple someone you meet on your travels.
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