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When our minds are turned towards the quotidian realities of existence the sensation of life begins to dull.  We lose

In recent years the concepts of wellness and wellbeing have taken on increased importance in public discourse. More than ever

Relationships have a huge impact on the human psyche.  They can up lift us or drag us down, point the

How often do we agree to something that our heart isn’t really in? Early in our careers this is usually

How do we recognise love in our working lives, both in ourselves and those around us?  Could we name it

Last summer saw the release of Chris and Karen Blakeley’s new book, Leading with Love.  In a world of work

How do we know when the time is right?  In every field of our lives, from work to personal relationships,

In human terms, ‘energy’ is one of those nebulous concepts that can be hard to define.  In a strictly literal

When people come together, they bring with them their own personal energy.  Sometimes these energies resonate in ways that are